Paige Fanneron, New Editor

The Supreme Court has been around since 1789. Although the Supreme Court was first created with only six spots for justices, it has since expanded to nine. However, Democrats are pushing to further expand the court.

Currently, the Supreme Court is mainly made up of Republican-leaning justices, but Democrats wish to change that: some are looking to add four more justices to the court. Democrats have submitted a bill that would allow for the extra justices to be put on the court. However, a slight blow to the proposed bill could come from President Joe Biden, who has previously said that he does not like the idea of adding more justices to the Supreme Court.

Republicans do not want to add any more justices to the court either. Many believe that this is an attempt by Democrats to gain power over the Republican party. According to USA Today, Mitch McConnell said, “The farthest-left activists aren’t interested in the common good. They want power.”

There still may be a chance for Democrats who want more justices on the court, since Biden has signed an executive order to create a six-month bipartisan bill to study the number of court reforms. After this is done, Biden, as well as the rest of Congress, will make a decision regarding the addition of justices to the Supreme Court.

Designed by: Isaac Weber